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 Hello, is any one out there? It’s me, Jessica, Jessica Cosentino from Cosentino’s Florist.  I know this sounds strange, but this is my first blog, so I am new at this. Please bear with me.  Kind of like you, a bride.  There is so much to talk about, so many ideas, so much to do.  So, I figured as the premier florist in Auburn, why not write about what we do and some ideas you may have not seen around here.

Planning of a wedding can be very stressful.  So, my motto is, let the professionals do it.  That’s right, let some one else cook the food, and call on a venue that can set the tables up for you as well as take them down.  My motto is “take your work gloves off and put your white gloves on”.  Let me help you have the wedding you have dreamed about.

I hope to post a couple of times a week with wedding tips, trends and flowers.  Sometimes I’ll even try to convince you that the best flowers in Auburn and central New York come from the professionals at Cosentinos.

So, here is my first tip.  Before you select your flowers, get the dresses for your girls.  Once this is done, we can match the flowers to the dresses and the rest of the party colors.

We can also add fabric such as lace & satin or bling as we call it, colored wire, jewels, crystals to match your theme color. 

Here at Cosentino’s we love doing weddings.  We get to see all types of flowers and we love to be apart of a couple’s new beginnings.  So, until next time, enjoy your planning and if you have any questions, give me a call, stop by, I would love to meet with you!


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